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Color-Coded Coaxial Adapters

Color-Coded Coaxial Adapters

A line of color-coded coaxial adapters has been added to the company’s lines of coaxial interconnections, with the new adapters designed to work with coaxial connectors operating across frequency ranges as wide as DC to 110 GHz. The adapters mate different combinations of male (plugs) and female (jacks) coaxial connectors at microwave through millimeterWave frequencies developed by the IEEE, making it easier to fit the right connectors and adapter without accidentally mis-mating and damaging the interconnects, even when constant plugging and playing of DUTs to test gear during repetitive measurements. The colors make it easier to make high frequency interconnections safely and quickly, speeding high volume measurement workflows. These color-coded adapters fit different combinations of 2.92mm connectors (DC to 40 GHz), 2.40mm connectors (DC to 50 GHz), 1.85mm connectors (DC to 65 GHz), and 1.00mm connector interfaces (DC to 110 GHz). They are available as within-series adapters and between-series adapters. The adapters includes options for connecting a 2.92mm plug to a 1.85mm jack, a 2.92mm plug to a 2.92mm jack, a 2.4mm plug to a 2.4mm plug, a 1.85mm plug to a 1.0mm jack, and a 1.85mm jack to a 1.85mm jack. Each color identifies the mating connector type on each side of the adapter as well as the maximum operating frequency for that side of the adapter.