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New Options Added to Field Master Pro™ RTSA

New Options Added to Field Master Pro™ RTSA

The Field Master Pro MS2090A handheld real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA) now has options that address the requirements of military and government applications. A new pulse analyzer option enables measurement of extremely narrow pulses, even at very low power, for installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of defense radar systems, while a second option allows the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® capability to be removed from the RTSA so it supports designated secure laboratory and field environments. The Field Master Pro Option 421 offers the ability to automatically measure pulses as narrow as 30 ns (typical), in accordance with IEEE 181-2011. This enables aerospace and defense engineers and technicians to conduct accurate power measurements, pulse characteristics, and first and second transition characteristics without the need of tedious, time consuming setup processes. To address secure operating environment requirements, Option 6 has been introduced to permanently eliminate the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities in the Field Master Pro MS2090A. The Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chip is physically removed from the instrument motherboard, so wireless transmission capability cannot be activated via software at any point.