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Computational Modeling of Range Errors – Live Webinar


About the Webinar

The Antenna Measurement Techniques Association cordially invites you to spend time with top experts presenting the most recent developments in the industry. The agenda offers a half day of presentations and interactive discussion, networking opportunities.

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To Register

This regional event webinar is FREE. To register: 

Organizing Committee

Stuart Gregson – AMTA Vice President
Justin Dobbins – Event Technical Coordinator & Moderator
Michelle Taylor – AMTA President
Ed Urbanik – AMTA Past Vice President
Paul DeGroot – AMTA Meeting Coordinator
Zhong Chen – AMTA Secretary

About AMTA

The Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA) is a non-profit professional organization for engineers and other persons active in the fields of antenna, radome, and radar cross-section measurements. The purpose of AMTA is to promote technical exchange between colleagues in these fields; provide a forum for presentations of new techniques and results in antenna and radar cross-section measurement; and offer antenna and radar cross-section measurement equipment manufacturers an opportunity to demonstrate new hardware and software to a significant portion of the market. The membership and activities of AMTA have grown in size and scope each year since the founding of the organization in 1979.