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High-End Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)

High-End Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)

The R&S ZNA high-end VNA now features models with 50 and 67 GHz maximum frequencies. This opens up the VNA’s outstanding RF performance, unique hardware concept, and innovative touch operation to new areas of application. Signal integrity measurements as well as A&D and 5G component and module characterization are main applications for the new analyzer models. They feature excellent RF performance, including wide dynamic range and extremely low trace noise, and come with a user-friendly, purely touch-based GUI. Its unique hardware platform offers up to four internal, phase coherent sources plus a fifth source that can be used as a second internal local oscillator or as an additional source for measurements on mixers. In combination with up to eight truly parallel measurement receivers, the R&S ZNA hardware architecture is ideal for demanding measurements on components and modules. The R&S ZNA benefits engineers working on tasks such as high-end research and development. The new 50 and 67 GHz models offer opportunities for the aerospace and defense industry by enabling characterization of radar and transmitter/receiver modules as well as performing antenna measurements and supporting satellite applications such as downconverter characterization.