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Silver Case Tantalum Capacitors

Silver Case Tantalum Capacitors

The new Mallory Sonalert Tantalum Products Group’s subminiature Silver Case tantalum capacitor delivers high CV product per case size and is suitable for high powered equipment requiring a small capacitor package. These capacitors are suitable for consumer, industrial, and military applications where a hermetic seal is not required, but the applications does have a high level of shock, vibration, and/or temperature. They are available from 1 to 1200µF and 6 to 60VDC @ 85º C. Other features include its high capacitance-weight ratio, its low DC leakage, and its availability in multiple case sizes to maximize volumetric efficiency. In addition to its silver case, the TSS anode is sintered tantalum with embedded tantalum leads. The negative terminals are tin-lead coated copper and its positive terminals are tin-lead coated nickel. Operating temperature is between -55 to +85ºC and the capacitance and dissipation factor are measured at 120- Hz and 25ºC with an AC voltage of 0.5V rms.