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Donald McElheny Retires from Gowanda Electronics after 24 Years


Gowanda Electronics, a designer and manufacturer of high-performance inductors and magnetic components for demanding RF and power applications, announced that the company’s CEO, Donald McElheny, retired at the end of August 2021 after 24 years with the company. 

McElheny joined Gowanda Electronics in 1997 as New Product Development Manager. Initially he oversaw the exploration and development of new electronic components for Gowanda but he took on increasing responsibility in subsequent years, being named COO in 2006. McElheny became CEO in 2011. 

His strategic vision guided the company through several initiatives including the establishment of internal production for key inductor components (coils and chips), development of proprietary equipment to address the need for cost-effective production of custom products, expansion into high-performance conical inductors enhanced by the utilization of automated equipment, construction of two new facilities (totaling over 80,000 sq.ft.) to optimize production efficiencies and workflow, creation of a fully-equipped environmental testing lab to support military and other high-performance applications, and installation of multiple cleanrooms for medical and high-reliability (hi-rel) production requiring control of particulates.

Gowanda merged with iNRCORE in late 2020. In reflecting on McElheny’s achievements, iNRCORE’s CEO Sarah Harris said, “Don was instrumental in advancing Gowanda Electronics from a small family-run business to a premier designer, manufacturer and major player in the global electronics marketplace. It was his vision, leadership and commitment to greatness that made this advancement possible. We intend to continue in his footsteps and wish him all the best in his retirement.”

McElheny’s involvement with passive electronic components began in the 1960’s. He is the proud recipient of five patents awarded during the course of his career.