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C-ENX Modular Rectangular Connector Line

C-ENX Modular Rectangular Connector Line

The new C-ENX range of shells, inserts, and contacts for in-cabin interconnectivity for the aerospace industry boasts applications that include routing power, signal, and data for avionic systems throughout the aircraft. Designed to meet the requirements of ARINC 800 and European Standard EN 4644, the C-ENX family features a rectangle profile that provides a reduction in weight and size over the circular connectors currently used by the aerospace industry, This translates directly to operational cost savings over the lifetime of the aircraft. Leaders in the aerospace industry have already started transitioning to modular rectangular connectors, as they provide significant advantages over circular style connectors. As well as offering higher pin density and lower weight, the design allows for blind mating needed for LRM/LRUs (line replaceable modules and units). The C-ENX line is available in single-, double-, triple-, and quadruple-cavity outlines for panel mount to cable, cable to cable, floating mount, and panel mount to panel mount configurations.