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Custom Large Capacitor Assemblies

Custom Large Capacitor Assemblies

A new customizable capacitor assembly has been launched for automotive, military, and aerospace applications. The custom approach to large capacitor assembly offers customers a unique combination of capability and durability, while helping to maximize board space. The capacitor assemblies utilize the vertical space above the circuit board to achieve very high capacitance and very high voltage in a smaller area. The large capacitor assemblies are highly customizable both in height and shape. They are custom built using large diameter pins that are low loss and ultra-stable dielectric. The pins are mechanically decoupled from ceramic elements, which allows the assembly to withstand severe mechanical shock, vibration, and temperature variation. The large capacitor assemblies­— initially available in ultra-stable low-loss C0G dielectric—have a high capacitance range of 10nF to 3.9µF and a voltage range from 500 Vdc to 5000 Vdc. The pins used are large enough to handle very high ripple currents so that the capacitance does not drop with applied voltages or changes in temperature. The capacitor assemblies are tested to meet the demands of AEC-Q200 standards and are particularly suitable for use in electric vehicle and resonant wireless charging systems.