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PhaseTrack® Low Smoke Microwave Assemblies

PhaseTrack® Low Smoke Microwave Assemblies

Designed for shipboard applications, the PhaseTrack Low Smoke (PTLS™) microwave cable assemblies provide exceptional phase temperature performance up to +85ºC. This cable type has the same low smoke zero-halogen (LSZH) jacket used on the company’s QPL M17 cables for easy cross-reference and qualification. Low smoke, zero-halogen cable assemblies are essential in confined spaces where air exchange is minimal, such as onboard ships and submarines. Fire is one of the greatest dangers in these environments, as accumulating smoke can obscure visibility for safe evacuation. When burned, low smoke cables emit a less optically dense smoke that releases at a lower rate, making it easier for occupants to exit and protecting the safety of firefighting operations. Halogen-free materials also produce clearer, whiter smoke for better visibility and do not emit halogen’s toxic off-gases. The PTLS assemblies are available in a range of sizes from 0.2 to 0.6” and address all frequencies from HF through K-band, including a variant optimized for minimum loss in Ku-band. The assemblies incorporate the proprietary TF5™ dielectric for a low loss, flexible, phase-optimized cable.