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CES 2022 is the Launch Pad for Holographic Interaction

CES 2022 is the Launch Pad for Holographic Interaction

Fantasy and cinematic holography meet real-world applications with Holographic Touch™, Holo Industries’ transformative mid-air interactive technology showing next month at CES 2022. “Visit stand 9049 and see how we’ve turned Minority Report’s and Iron Man’s gesture-based interactive images into a reality,” says Holo Industries’ CEO Glenn ImObersteg.

Holographic Touch utilizes Holo Industries’ proprietary software and hardware components, IR and other sensors, and ASKA3D’s patented optical plates to create a unique interactive experience. Now, everyone can interact with any image or video in mid-air, without special lighting, glasses or headgear. Every action — touch, pinch, scroll, spin, even signing your name — on the holographic image is clear and sharp, and Holo’s user interface (UI), provides an accurate and equally impressive 50 millisecond response time.

Holo Industries will showcase interactive holographic ATMs, hotel registration systems, restaurant menus, gaming and videos in sizes ranging from 200mm (8″ x 8″) to 630mm (2′ x 2′) at CES. In addition, Holo Industries’ technology partner, ASKA3D, will display its holographic plates, the gold standard in holographic imagery distributed by Holo Industries.

“We’re looking forward to CES,” says ImObersteg. “This show is noted for launching innovative new products, and Las Vegas has the largest concentration of gaming, hotels, restaurants, ATMs and elevators in North America — all applications we’ll be showcasing at our stand. The timing is also opportune: Covid-19 and the new Omicron variant have affected all facets of our lives, from protecting our health at this event to interacting with kiosks and displays, with their surfaces acting as breeding grounds for pathogens and contaminants. Holo Industries’ contactless Holographic Touch technology is a practical and effective germ-free solution being tested by dozens of the world’s leading companies to protect their customers and employees at work, and in public events such as this.”

According to Yuji Matsuo, Asukanet CEO, “CES is an important platform for us to demonstrate the clarity and holographic quality achieved through our plates, and a chance for us to meet our customers and technology partners from around the world.”

Holo Industries manufactures and distributes Holographic Touch products in sizes ranging from 50mm (2″ x 2″) to 1050mm (42″ x 42″). Holo Industries’ products are available as:

  • Modular kits (including holographic plates, optical components, sensors and proprietary software)
  • Turnkey prototypes and demos (in plastic enclosures or made of industrial metal (for elevator, counter or kiosk inserts)
  • ASKA3D plastic or glass holographic plates

If you’re attending CES, schedule a visit at Holo Industries stand #9049 in LVCC, North Hall, for a demonstration or contact us for a meeting. If you can’t attend, contact us and we can schedule a virtual hands-on demonstration at your convenience.

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More information on Holo and ASKA3D can be found at www.holoind.com or http://ASKA3D.com/en

About Holo Industries LLC
Holo Industries is the inventor of Holographic Touch™, a disruptive technology that combines holographic plates, optics, sensors and proprietary software and hardware components to create highly responsive mid-air interaction  for customers and employees so businesses can thrive during the pandemic. We manufacture products in various sizes and form factors for the consumer, elevator, restaurant, banking, retail, hospitality, gaming, medical, automotive and aerospace industries.

About Asukanet Co., Ltd
Asukanet Co., Ltd. was established in 1995 in Hiroshima, Japan. Ahead of other companies, Asukanet has been involved in the innovation of photography, and has developed three businesses: the Photobook business, which enables on-demand printing from a single book; the Funeral business, which specializes in the funeral market; and ASKA3D, which aims to create a new market and realize dreams with its unique, unprecedented technology of holographic imaging.

About ASKA3D
Asukanet’s ASKA3D technology is a special technology that succeeds in forming a real holographic image in the air equidistant on the opposite side of an object through a special panel “ASKA3D-Plate” made of glass or resin. This is a new holographic imaging technology that is completely different from conventional holograms and integral imaging, and we have obtained a patent for it. Please look forward to the future of ASKA3D that will provide the best eye-catching output as the definitive output of the digital signage era.