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Open Standards-Based Stack

Open Standards-Based Stack

The company, in partnership with Radisys, a global leader in open telecom solutions, has established an enterprise agreement for use of Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) software in the company’s 5G.MIL™ products. The agreement includes development of critical capabilities like 5G-enabled wireless relay and Integrated Access and Backhaul (IAB). Wireless relay is an important part of tactical communication when warfighters operate in places where wired interconnections are not possible or are cost prohibitive. The pace and scale of 5G deployment increases the demand for wireless relays as an alternative to fiber backhaul solutions. Both companies are working to accelerate 5G capabilities into Lockheed Martin’s 5G.MIL Hybrid Base Station to use within military tactical networks. Radisys’ Connect 5G Software Suite is compliant to 3GPP Release 16, and it delivers enhancements in functionality, capacity, coverage, latency, mobility, and reliability to support the requirements of diverse 5G applications.