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GeoLinks and SAF Tehnika Partner for P2P Microwave Radios


SAF Tehnika JSC, a global leader in microwave date transmission equipment, announces GeoLinks has selected SAF Tehnika as a strategic partner to provide multi-gigabit, low-latency point-to-point microwave radios in the LMDS 29-31 bands. “The Local Multi-Point Distribution Service – LMDS band is a great option in markets where traditional MW bands 11, 18, and 23 GHz have very limited availability,” said SAF Tehnika President Janis Bergs.

SAF Tehnika’s Integra X dual-core radio platform is designed and built for exceptional performance and reliability, delivering multi-gigabit throughput with superb spectral efficiency and industry-leading transmit power. The Integra X platform in 6–23 GHz has a proven track record with global deployments.

GeoLinks is the nation’s largest holder of licensed spectrum in the 29-31GHz band (29.5-31.3GHz) throughout the contiguous United States. GeoLinks, through a partnership with Double Radius, a 20-year distributor of microwave equipment, will offer long-term leases of the LMDS spectrum at terms accessible to most broadband providers. The Double Radius team brings considerable expertise in helping broadband providers with equipment acquisition. “This go-to-market strategy will enable us to expand our existing market leadership into the licensed millimeter wave spectrum segment, which is poised for growth,” said Gerry Ford, President, DoubleRadius.

The collaboration between these three companies combines frequency access, high-capacity radios, and exceptional service in expanding broadband networks. “We are excited about the opportunity to extend to service providers reasonably priced access to licensed spectrum. Combining the cost-effective coverage potential of the spectrum and the low latency and high-capacity capabilities of the radios – we’re doing our part to bring better broadband to America,” said GeoLinks President, COO Ryan Adams.

About SAF Tehnika
SAF Tehnika is an RF data transmission equipment designer and manufacturer with a global presence in over 130 countries. SAF’s core products include high quality microwave radios, field tested hand-held RF spectrum analyzers, and solutions for wireless environmental monitoring sensors and base stations under the brand Aranet. The company serves multiple industries including telecommunication providers, education, utilities, public safety, broadcast, government, military, and oil & gas.

About GeoLinks
GeoLinks is one of the nation’s leading telecommunications companies, nationally recognized for its innovative Internet and Hosted Voice solutions. Headquartered in Southern California and ranked on Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America three-years running, GeoLinks delivers Enterprise-Grade Internet, Digital Voice, SD-WANCloud On-ramping, Layer 2 Transport, and both Public and Private Turnkey Network Construction expertly tailored for businesses and Anchor Institutions nationwide.

About DoubleRadius
Founded in 2001, DoubleRadius has been helping companies build better wireless and Wi-Fi networks across North and South America. It relies on strong partnerships with leading manufacturers to support service providers and enterprise customers. Offering design, engineering, and technical support services, it is a leading boutique value-added distributor.