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Gan MMIC Module

Gan MMIC Module

The QPM2637 is a GaN MMIC front-end module (FEM) that integrates a T/R switch and low-noise amplifier, and is designed for X-band radar applications between 9 and 10.5 GHz. The receive path has dual outputs that offer 21 dB of gain and a 2.7 dB noise figure. The transmit path delivers 4 W of saturated power with 23 dB of large signal gain. The FEM is a robust device and can handle up to 4 W of input power into the ANT port, eliminating the need for a limiter. It is fabricated on Qorvo’s QGaN25 0.25 µm GaN-on-SiC process. The air cavity embedded copper heat slug surface-mount package, coupled with a low thermal resistance die-attach process, allows the QPM2637 to perform well at extreme case temperatures. Its compact size supports tight lattice spacing requirements needed for X-band phased array radar applications.