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TLC Solutions Selects Benetel n78 Radio Units to Support Indigo 5G Tactical Solutions


OpenRAN radio specialist Benetel announced today that its radio units (RUs) have been selected by TLC Solutions for integration into the company’s Indigo 5G tactical systems. The Benetel RAN650 RUs will be used in a variety of TLC Indigo 5G mission-critical deployment scenarios to support defense communications and situational awareness for public safety.

Benetel’s RAN650 5G outdoor RU supports the full scope of 5G compliant capabilities required for TLC’s critical communications solutions. Instrumental in TLC’s selection of the RAN650 was the recently announced n78 variant which supports a 7.2x functional split and up to 100MHz of instantaneous bandwidth. When combined with a 4T4R antenna configuration, the RAN650 delivers a total output of 20W and an OpenRAN architecture compatible with industry standard distributed unit (DU) and centralized unit (CU) elements.

“The nature of TLC’s mission-critical deployments requires high-performance hardware that is easy to implement and highly reliable. Additionally, the Indigo 5G systems support a compact form factor for maximum portability as well as low and high powered operations,” Lee Sanders, President of TLC Solutions explains. “The RAN650 delivers the requisite performance and capabilities that fit hand in glove with the overall TLC Indigo 5G solution. Building on our extensive cooperation with Benetel delivering 4G, it was clear that the RAN650 is the right choice for 5G.”

“The features and functionality of our latest RU, plus the use of OpenRAN-based approach, translate into real benefits. TLC’s selection of the RAN650 is yet another powerful endorsement of the scope that Benetel’s technology combined with TLC Solutions’ expertise can cover,” adds Olli Andersson, Senior Vice President Americas at Benetel “TLC was the first company to commence testing with the new n78 variant of our RAN650 RU. We are proud to have them as the lead customer for this product. The RAN650 is now ready for additional customers to integrate, complementing the n77u variant that is already commercially available.”

About Benetel
Benetel is at the forefront of 5G virtualisation offering a range of ORAN compatible Radio Units. With a 20-year history in wireless infrastructure, and more than 6M+ of Benetel designed radios deployed around the world, Benetel is meeting today’s challenges of virtualisation and disaggregation with leading-edge radio solutions for 5G disaggregated RAN and 4G/LTE Small Cells. Benetel is deploying 5G Radio Units, fully embracing the principle of openness. Working with leading vendors, partners, and open initiatives, such as the O-RAN ALLIANCE, the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA), Benetel is at the forefront of 5G radio technology. With presence in many geographical markets, Benetel is collaborating with the key CU/DU vendors to ensure interoperability and end to end functionality.
Learn more at www.benetel.com

About TLC Solutions
TLC Solutions, Inc. is a privately held corporation that was founded in 2003. The company specializes in providing compact, mobile and fixed cellular communications systems that can be easily and rapidly deployed in a variety of specialized networking applications. It works with governments, non-governmental agencies (NGOs) and commercial customers. For more information visit: www.tlcsolutions.us