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Introducing The Berkeley Nucleonics Academy

Introducing The Berkeley Nucleonics Academy

Founded in 1963, Berkeley Nucleonics began in the field of custom pulse generators, and has since expanded to offer a wide array of products from microwave signal generators to nuclear spectroscopy products. Throughout the course of its development, BNC has accrued a vast reservoir of knowledge revolving around the fundamentals, components, and functions of its offerings–and now, this understanding has culminated into the launch of the BNC Academy.

The Academy is an ongoing project to compile and distribute information on Test and Measurement. The end goal is to create an accredited resource that is useful to academics, onboarding professionals and military personnel, a reference that bridges the gap between concept and real-world use. A course about the fascinating world of scintillation technology, for example, not only covers an overview of the technology itself, but also provides insight into how scientists and research professionals apply this information in their decision-making and everyday responsibilities.

It is possible to look at previews of upcoming courses on BNC Academy right now, through the link found here. https://academy.berkeleynucleonics.com/ Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated as the team at Berkeley Nucleonics continues to work on its content.

For more details, call 415-453-9955 or contact BNC at www.berkeleynucleonics.com