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AXIe System Reference Module

AXIe System Reference Module

The SRM100A AXIe Advanced System Reference Module is a precision frequency reference that provides the necessary signals for phase-coherent operation across instruments within the AXIe chassis, as well as across multiple chassis. One SRM100A is necessary to drive a two or four-channel AXIe chassis. The SRM100A accepts an externally supplied 10 MHz or 100 MHz input, as well as providing 10 MHz and 100 MHz frequency reference outputs. An external frequency control voltage input allows for fine-tuning of the SRM100A outputs’ absolute frequencies if desired in a system test environment.  It drives up to four advanced signal generators, has spurious rejection of -100 dBc;  10 MHz, 100 MHz and 1200 MHz outputs; and offers 10 MHz or 100 MHz external reference input for phase coherent and time-synchronous operation with the system under test.