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SATCOM Power Amplifier System

SATCOM Power Amplifier System

The RL3-310330 is a satellite communications amplifier system that operates from 31 to 33 GHz with a P1dB output of 10 dBm, a small-signal gain of 30 dB, noise figure of 3, and requires 90 to 250 VAC drawing 40 W. AM/PM conversion is 0.5 deg./dB, return loss is -20 dB, the input connector female SMA and the unit measures 19 x 1.75 x 22 in., weighs 20 lb., and has an operating temperature range of 0 to 50° C. Other features include full redundancy and hot-swappable power supplies with independent AC inputs. Remote control via RS-485 or RS-422, automatic or manual control from local and remote modes, and remote status contact closure alarms. Options include off-line input/output access, amplifier current fault detection, time-stamped alarm history, input/output signal monitors, level control for the input and output, higher gain, and increased RF output power.