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Dual-band Diplexer

Dual-band Diplexer

The Model 1080-060 is a dual-band diplexer for use with S-band and C-band radios that operate at 2.2 to 2.5 GHz and 4.4 to 5 GHz. The diplexer allows dual-band radios to use two antennas optimized for a specific transmit and receive band with a design that offers low passband insertion loss, out-of-band rejection of -30 dBi, and greater than 14 dB of return loss. Channel 1 passband insertion loss is 1 dB with rejection of -30 dBc, and channel 2 insertion loss is 1 dB with rejection of -30 dBc and return loss greater than 14 dB. Passband return loss in both channels is greater than 14 dB. Designed for both transmit and receive applications, the diplexer allows transmissions to be routed automatically to the correct antenna, and for receive applications, it combines signals in both bands into a single common output. Connectors are female SMA, and the enclosure is ruggedized to endure hostile environments.