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S-band 120 kW Pulse Transmitter

S-band 120 kW Pulse Transmitter

The Model 2236 is a liquid-cooled, high-power solid-state COTS amplifier that combines the output of two 6 ft. cabinets that each have 16 2U power amplifiers. Lower and higher power versions of the amplifier are available due to its modular design. Operating from 2.8 to 3.5 GHz, the flexible pulse handling capabilities of the system include a 20% duty cycle with pulse widths from 200 ns to 500 µs and PRFs up to 500 kHz. The transmitter consists of a system controller in a 3U 19 in. rack unit and a total of 32 2U amplifier drawers, with each drawer containing a power supply, so no separate system-level power supply is required. This eliminates the risk of an RF section or single power supply failure taking the entire amplifier offline. In the event of an RF pallet or PA drawer failure, only a fractional reduction of output power is realized, and the amplifier system remains on the air.