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Spectrum Characterization Platform

Spectrum Characterization Platform

The R&S®CEPTOR software platform provides electronic warfare specialists, SIGINT analysts, and spectrum managers with the ability to characterize the electromagnetic spectrum. It produces a real-time picture of the electromagnetic environment and can catalog any emission between 8 kHz and 20 GHz. Spectrum managers can import their database records to differentiate blue emitters from red and gray emitters easily, and users can configure alerting functions to demodulate and direction-find when a signal of interest appears. The system also simplifies obtaining a true measured picture of all frequencies in use and their RF footprint, with this information delivered to commanders to aid in emissions control decisions. R&S CEPTOR catalogs every emission in the search bands so that an operator can easily see when an emitter is on and for how long. This can be helpful when analyzing enemy pattern-of-life.