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by Ian Dunn, CTO, APITech

MPD: Please describe what you consider to be your company’s most significant technological achievements in 2022.


Spectrum Control (formerly APITech) has spent the past year assembling an executive leadership team with a proven track record of developing innovations through advanced technologies. We have created a cultural shift with investment in R&D and engineering talent to develop new disruptive products that address next generation needs in military and aerospace and commercial markets. These include new ways to combine digital control with RF functionality and integrated RF filtering in a small footprint device. We are also developing packaging technology that provides significantly higher densities with full RF isolation to meet SWaP-C requirements.

Many technologies are driving RF and microwave technologies today. Which ones do you feel are the most important as it concerns your company’s work?

Our technological advancements concentrate on supporting rapid product development for our customers. An extension of that is to implement new ways for engineers to acquire RF and microwave components quickly to keep projects on schedule. With that in mind, APITech is expanding relationships with key partners to create an optimal customer experience. By enhancing our distribution partnerships, customers can select components that are immediately available to eliminate or minimize lead times. This will allow us to place greater effort on becoming a strategic RF technology partner that can develop advanced solutions that meet market needs more efficiently.

MPD: If your company serves the defense market, what are you working on (that you can talk about)?


Prime contractors are placing greater importance on open architecture and related standards. We invested in technology and talent over the past two years to address these and other evolving DoD requirements. One return on that investment is our development of digitally enabled RF and microwave solutions that support producibility, maintainability, and built-in test). This line of solutions aligns with the Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) that has become prominent in emerging defense systems designs. They also meet SWaP-C requirements that are a priority in the defense market.

MPD: How is your company preparing for 5G Advanced with 3GPP Release 18?


Release 18 addresses 5G Advanced that introduces multiple enhancements with stringent performance parameters and Spectrum Control has developed highly accurate test solutions to verify designs based on the standard. Our butler matrices connect single or multiple user devices and base stations to optimize their performance. Passive models are now available; programmable butler matrices to maximize user flexibility will be available in early 2023. Our multipath emulators provide RF with no conversion, excellent SNR, and minimal latency at low cost. We offer PDUs with a common control platform across power and RF environments with critical security protocols and user-access control.