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VFTT – SiTime

VFTT – SiTime

by Piyush Sevalia, Executive Vice President, Marketing, SiTime

MPD: Please describe what you consider to be your company’s most significant technological achievements in 2022.


SiTime introduced six new precision timing products in 2022. With these new products, SiTime is uniquely enabling the connected intelligence revolution. Higher speeds, lower latency, and distributed computing are driving new deployment architectures where equipment is subjected to environmental stressors such as shock, vibration, and temperature changes, all of which require a new timing technology paradigm. Precision timing based on SiTime’s MEMS technology delivers up to 4 times better stability, 4 times lower power, 30 times higher reliability, and 10 times better resilience to shock, vibration, and temperature changes. These timing enhancements enable the electronics of tomorrow in communications, automotive, industrial, and aerospace applications.

MPD: If your company serves the defense market, what are you working on (that you can talk about)?


Timing devices provide the heartbeat in mission-critical electronic equipment and must operate reliably in the harshest environments. SiTime’s ruggedized Endura MEMS oscillators, offering up to 50 times better acceleration sensitivity than quartz alternatives, provide the robustness and reliability needed to operate in the harshest field conditions. For example, hypersonic systems are subject to high temperatures, thermal shock, vibration, and high G-forces, creating a harsh environment for electronics, especially timing devices.

MPD: Many technologies are driving RF and microwave technologies today. Which ones do you feel are the most important as it concerns your company’s work?


RF and microwave technologies play a crucial role in the success of 5G, which in turn is a crucial technology for the connected intelligence revolution. As 5G equipment is deployed closer to the consumer, often in harsh operating environments, a stable, resilient, and reliable precision timing reference is critical to the successful rollout of 5G. In addition, the timing reference must be 10 times better than those used in 4G networks. SiTime focuses on delivering a timing technology roadmap that solves these difficult 5G challenges.

MPD: IoT has finally moved from an acronym to something tangible—and deployable—for industrial and many other applications. If you’re involved in IoT component, subsystem, or system development, what are your thoughts on how this market is developing?


The IoT market is finally reaching its full potential, both in industrial IoT and consumer IoT. SiTime has identified unique IoT use cases for our precision timing solutions. We bring value to the IoT by providing some of the smallest, most reliable, and lowest power timing devices. IoT applications that would have been considered unimaginable a decade ago are now being designed and will come to market shortly. These new and emerging IoT devices all rely on precision timing technology. SiTime believes that the unique requirements of the IoT will drive timing roadmap development for years to come.