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GaN Block Upconverter

GaN Block Upconverter

The ACTX-Ka4W-Ex-V6 low-power GaN block upconverter converts an input frequency from 950 to 2000 MHz to an output frequency from 27.5 to 31 GHz and is designed for Ka-band military satellite communication systems. It delivers a saturated output power of 36 dBm with gain of more than 60 dB and consumes 35 W from a supply voltage of 20 to 60 VDC. The ACTX-Ka4W-Ex-V6 module measures 7.7 x 5.3 x 2.0″, weighs 4.4 lb., and operates over a temperature range of -40° C to +85° C. Gain is at least 60 dB +/-2 dB and attenuation adjustment range is 30 dB in 0.25 dB steps, VSWR is less than 2:1, spurious suppression is -60 dBc and phase noise is -85 dBc/Hz at a 10 kHz offset. The input connector is a female Type N and the output connector is grooved WR-28 waveguide.