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1 kW GaN RF Power Amplifier

1 kW GaN RF Power Amplifier

The 2241 GaN power amplifier pulse emitter is designed for radar applications in which portability and extended range are key requirements. Across the operating band of 9 to 10 GHz, the Model 2241 provides more than 1 kW peak RF power in a 3U chassis. The amplifier can produce long pulses with high duty cycles and has a derated long pulse mode of 2.2 ms at 200 W. The unit is controlled through the front panel touch screen, M2M SCPI, Ethernet, and a web browser with no software to install. Key specifications include a maximum duty cycle of 20%, up to 500 µs pulse width, 25 kHz PRF, pulse-modulated or gated pulse mode, and protection for opens and shorts and high VSWR, as well as various amplifier operating conditions.