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Coaxial Transfer Switches

Coaxial Transfer Switches

These coaxial transfer switches for broadcast TV, AM, FM, and UHF are available in a wide range of coaxial sizes from Type-N to 6 1/8 in EIA. The transfer switch has two independent paths that operate in either of two selected positions. These pairs are actuated simultaneously. This actuation is similar to that of a double-pole double-throw switch and is used to route signals to one or more signal paths. They are equipped with a range of standard accessories and optional features, from 3-port and 4-port configurations to options for connector types, interlocks, and control. Coplanar port configuration creates a more orderly layout that can be more compact and require fewer coax elbows or bends. They are broadband, small, and light, with independent interlock and logic circuits compatible with computer control. Available interfaces include Type N, 7/16 in. DIN, as well as 7/6 in., 1 in., 3 in., 4 1/16 in., and 6 1/8 in. EIA.