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COMSOL Conference 2023 Locations are Announced


COMSOL has released the dates and locations for the COMSOL Conference 2023. The first conference will be held in Munich, Germany, from October 25-27. Additional conference locations for 2023 are Bengaluru, Seoul, Taipei, and Tokyo.

At the COMSOL Conference, attendees can:

  • Connect with other practitioners in the simulation community
  • Gain inspiration from industry leaders
  • Learn new modeling techniques using the COMSOL Multiphysics® software
  • Showcase their own research and case studies

Papers presented at the conference will later be made available open-access on our website: Technical Papers and Presentations.

For locations that are not served by a local COMSOL Conference, the online COMSOL Day event series will cover similar topics. The COMSOL Day calendar will be regularly updated with new events as they are added.