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High-Speed DAC Interface

High-Speed DAC Interface

The TMC160 RF amplifier operates from 3 to 17 GHz with a gain of 10 to 16 dB, a noise figure of 4 to 5 dB, and an IP3 of 29 to 30 dBm. The DAC amplifies and converts the differential output of a high-speed DAC to a low-noise single-ended signal to drive the RF chain of a transmitter. The TMC160 has anti-alias lowpass filtering and a balun that converts the differential DAC output to a single-ended 50 ohm output. A quasi-differential LNA is biased with 5 VDC and draws 250 mA, and to bias the gates of the LNA, a low-current negative supply is required. As the input and output are DC coupled, the amplifier includes a bias tee to eliminate the need for an external inductor. The module is housed in a 7 x 7 mm air-cavity QFN package.