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Transceiver Test System

Transceiver Test System

The 50PMA-114 is a transceiver test system that operates from 30 to 3000 MHz and is housed in a 19 inch 2RU rack mount enclosure. The system has 10 paths in a 5-port mesh, each with an individually-controlled programmable attenuator. The 50PMA-114 is a versatile system that can be used to test a wide range of transceivers. It has an attenuation range of 0-95 dB in 1 dB steps, with an accuracy of ±1.25 or 3% for 12 to 95 dB. The insertion loss is 31 dB, the RF input power is +30 dBm, the power divider isolation is 20 dB, and the switching speed is 4 µs. It also has Ethernet (DHCP, TCP/IP, 10/100) for up to 12 users and RS-232 connections. Manual control is via a 20-button keypad and display that allows key operating parameters to be modified.