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Guillaume Sassus is Appointed CEO of Microwave Vision Group (MVG)


Microwave Vision Group (MVG), a world leader in electromagnetic wave visualization solutions, has announced the appointment of Guillaume Sassus as CEO, effective from October 9 th , 2023. He succeeds Philippe Garreau, who has led the group for almost 30 years and will now assume the role of President. This appointment comes at a time of strong growth for MVG, supported by the European investment group HLD.

Philippe Garreau, President of MVG, declared: “It is with confidence and anticipation that we entrust Guillaume Sassus with this leadership role. With his deep expertise in highly innovative B2B industries and top-tier management consulting, Guillaume has demonstrated solid operational expertise, the ability to unite teams and to unlock both apparent and latent potential within organizations. His experience will facilitate MVG’s continued growth and strategic development.”

Guillaume Sassus has worked for over 15 years in aerospace and optics, B2B industries where innovation is key, and for five years in management consulting. He will bring to MVG a dual industrial and strategic expertise that will be precious in accelerating the development of new technological bricks and in supporting its customers ever more closely in the design of their products.

Guillaume Sassus, CEO of MVG, declared: “Leading MVG, a major player in antenna measurement and RCS testing, is a task I undertake with great humility and a profound sense of responsibility. I’m grateful to the MVG board of Directors for placing their confidence in me. MVG’s capacity to innovate, expertise in complex systems engineering and commitment to supporting customers are embedded in the company’s DNA. My aim is to strengthen this DNA so that our customers can expect further advances as we accelerate the release of innovative solutions.”

Salim Helou, Managing Director at HLD and Member of the Supervisory Board of MVG, declared: “Since 2020, HLD has been supporting Philippe Garreau and his teams, who have built a world leader in the cutting-edge sector of electromagnetic wave measurement. The appointment of Guillaume Sassus is an important step which will allow to accelerate MVG’s development.”

Since its creation in 1986, MVG has developed unique expertise in the visualization of electromagnetic waves. These waves are at the heart of our daily lives: Smartphones, computers, tablets, cars, trains, and planes – none of these devices or vehicles would work without them. Established in the United States, Europe and Asia, MVG employs over 450 people and generates 90% of its sales from exports.