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Introducing the NEW Modelithics EXEMPLAR Library for MATLAB


Modelithics®, the leading independent provider of accurate RF/microwave models for multiple EDA simulation software tools, is pleased to launch the NEW Modelithics EXEMPLAR Library for MATLAB®.

The release of the new Modelithics EXEMPLAR Library for MATLAB includes almost 50 Microwave Global Models™ representing nearly 3,500 components for many of today’s leading component suppliers, including Amotech, Coilcraft, Johanson, Kemet, Kyocera-AVX, Murata, Passive Plus, Presidio, and Vishay. The EXEMPLAR Library is designed to include models that run many example tutorial projects on the Modelithics website.

The Modelithics EXEMPLAR Library for MATLAB adds to Modelithics’ vast collection of highly accurate circuit simulation models. It expands the available resources to enable today’s design engineers to go from concept to product faster and more efficiently in MATLAB. Modelithics models are to be utilized within RF Toolbox™, a MATLAB add-on from MathWorks, to build networks of RF components, such as filters, transmission lines, matching networks, amplifiers, and mixers. RF Toolbox provides functions, objects, and apps for designing, modeling, analyzing, and visualizing networks of radio frequency (RF) components. RF designers can use RF Toolbox and Modelithics EXEMPLAR library to develop wireless communications, radar, and signal integrity applications.

The Microwave Global Models for MATLAB include Modelithics’ advanced model features, including part value scalability, solder pad-size scaling, de-embedding, and substrate scaling. The part-value scalability of Microwave Global Models makes them ideal for tuning and optimization. Therefore, it is not necessary to manually substitute individual models during a design process. Modelithics Microwave Global Models also scale substrate characteristics, providing designers with a solution that extends beyond traditional solutions, like S-parameter files. While an S-parameter file only contains device measurements performed on one specific substrate, Modelithics microwave global models are valid over a continuous range of substrate properties determined by the substrates used in the model extraction process.

For more information regarding the new Modelithics EXEMPLAR Library for MATLAB, please review the v24.0 release notes. To request a free trial, visit www.Modelithics.com/MVP/MATLAB. The Modelithics EXEMPLAR Library is also free for qualified educational institutions for one year of renewable access through the Modelithics University Program. For more details on the Modelithics University Program, visit www.modelithics.com/home/university.