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Amphenol Printed Circuits Presents PCBs at IMS 2024


Backed by more than 20 years support for mission-critical printed-circuit boards (PCBs) of every shape, size and speed, Amphenol Printed Circuits (APC) will be welcoming visitors to Booth #1004 at the upcoming 2024 IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS) exhibition to see samples of their experience and expertise in designing and fabricating PCBs of all technology types. Whether for high-speed-digital (HSD) to 25 Gb/s. RF/microwave assemblies operating into the millimeter-wave range past 40 GHz, or combinations of digital and microwave circuits, these PCBs and PCB assemblies push the boundaries of modern innovation, are extremely reliable and innovative, and are also more cost-effective when developed in collaboration with our highly skilled Applications Engineers, meeting the most demanding customer requirements.

Offering advanced design services as well as world-class manufacturing processes, APC’s strong relationships with leading circuit material and component suppliers provides customers with optimal construction options, circuit designs and PCB solutions based on a variety of technologies. As modern PCBs and PCB assemblies continue to evolve and push the bounds of what is possible, Amphenol Printed Circuits remain at the forefront of process and material development required to stay relevant in the modern PCB age. Attendees stopping at Booth #1004 can catch a glimpse of some eye-opening examples of PCB design and fabrication for aerospace/defense, industrial, space, and telecommunications applications while getting a chance to chat with some of the folks making it possible.