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Don’t Count Out the TWT

After more than a quarter century of development, it seems logical that the traveling-wave tube has become all that it can be. If that’s so then it’s equally logical that […]

2000 MHz Directional Coupler

The 251-088-030 is a 50 ohm directional coupler that covers 500 MHz to 2 GHz with a 30 dB coupling value. Frequency sensitivity is +/-0.75 dB or less, insertion loss […]

Antenna and Cable Analyzer

The SiteHawk is a field-portable antenna and cable analyzer that operates from 1 MHz to 6 GHz. It can be used to measure frequency domain reflectometry, fault location or distance-to-fault, […]

Digital Phase Shifter

PS-360-2832-5-292FF-OPT10B digitally controlled phase shifter operates between 28 and 32 GHz with a phase shifting range from 0 to 349 deg. It has maximum insertion loss of 12.5 dB, maximum […]

PIM Analyzer

The iPA Series passive intermodulation distortion analyzer can be used for testing on the tower-top or its base, on rooftops, and in-building DAS systems. The instrument is IEC compliant, handles […]

Channelized Digital Repeater

The PSR-78-9533-channelized digital repeater operates at 700 MHz and 800 MHz public safety frequencies including FirstNet and uses DSP filtering to eliminate adjacent channel interference. It can simultaneously support FCC […]

5 GHz Noise Source

The NC520 noise source operates from 200 kHz to 5 GHz producing white Gaussian noise with an output power of more than 25 dB ENR (-143 dBm/Hz) and a crest […]

Antenna Designs Facing Up to New Challenges

So many different types of antennas have been used for EW, SIGINT, and radar it might be hard to believe that others remain unexplored. But just as the challenges faced […]

GaAs MMIC Power Amplifier

The CMX90A702 three-stage GaAs pHEMT MMIC amplifier operates from 26.5 to 29.5 MHz and delivers +25 dBm output power at 1dB gain compression with power-added efficiency of 26%, 1 dB […]

Miniature Signal Generator

The SG06-840001-S5S5 miniature signal generator operates from 25 MHz to 6 GHz with a step size of 100 Hz and output power from -17 to +13 dBm. The pocket-sized generator […]