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Isola Shows Halogen-Free PCBs at DesignCon 2023

Isola Group, a global leader in advanced circuit materials for printed-circuit boards (PCBs), is inviting exhibition visitors to learn more about halogen-free PCBs at DesignCon 2023. Visitors to Isola’s exhibition […]

Low-noise Amplifier

The PE2-20-1G40G-5R5-15-12-292FF low-noise amplifier operates between 1 and 40 GHz with gain of at least 20 dB +/-2.5 dB. Its noise figure is 4 dB, VSWR is 2.5:1, output P1dB […]

Cascade Analysis Platform for RF System Design

The RF Graph cascaded analysis software platform allows designers to drop generic or custom symbols on a canvas and connect them like a schematic capture tool. The design is stored […]

Varactor Model Library

Tecdia’s HBCR22AY20X10X5A02 and HBC2R2KY20X10X5A02 varactors are now available in the COMPLETE Library™ as well as the Modelithics millimeter-wave and 5G Library. The surface-mount dielectric varactors use a voltage-controllable dielectric and […]

PkZ Blind Mate Connector

The PkZ blind-mate microwave contact overcomes mating challenges resulting from tolerance stack-up in multiport applications. PkZ technology supports many cable types and termination styles with accommodations for contact housings and […]

40 GHz Notch Filters

These notch filters operate from 10 MHz to 40 GHz and are available in multiple topologies. The filters are available in compact sizes and are designed to operate in severe […]

High-power Switches

These switches are designed for high reliability in test-and-measurement applications and include models with hot switching for passing back and forth between components without disrupting device performance. They have power […]

Peak Power Meters: Essential Instruments for Radar Power Amplifier Measurements

by Wireless Telecom Group The pulsed signals of radar systems present unique measurement and characterization challenges as their signals may only be “on” for a short time, followed by a […]

SMA Connectors for Automotive Applications

This extension to this SMA connector portfolio is focused on automotive applications such as infotainment, GPS and satellite radio and supports flexible RTK-044 cable. The connectors are available in a […]

8-in-1 Antenna

The Guardian MA990 8-in-1 antenna allows GNSS and 5G/4G operation while maintaining compatibility with next-generation modules and routers. Its low profile makes it suitable for IoT and automotive applications where […]