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Omnidirectional and Rubber Duck Antennas

L-Com-brand Omnidirectional and rubber duck antennas for IoT and wireless applications and amateur radio are now available. The Omnidirectional antennas include 15 models that cover frequency bands ranging from 2.4 to 5.8 GHz They boast gain from 2 to 15 dBi and have a 360º horizontal beamwidth. The rubber duck antennas consist of 30 models […]

Dual Directional Coupler

Model C10036, another member of the company’s 700 to 4200 MHz product line, is a 40 dB dual directional coupler rated at 500W CW and measuring 3 x 3 x 1.09” with standard N Female or SMA connectors. The overall height increases to 1.59” with upgraded 7/16 Female (Main Line) connectors. The unit operates with […]

High Performance 1-Port Embedded Reader

A new RAIN RFID reader module for embedded applications, the Hadronmini – R1271C is a complete and high performance RAIN RFID reader module in a very compact form factor, well suited to be integrated into a variety of identification devices and boasting a programmable output power from 10 to 27 dBm. CAEN RFID (4)

RF Hybrid Couplers

Twenty-one new RF hybrid coupler models feature a coaxial design with SMA and 2.92mm connectors. They cover a high-frequency operating range of up to 40 GHz for wideband applications and provide power handling capability of up to 100W (CW). They deliver excellent isolation and insertion loss performance with low return loss. FAIRVIEW MICROWAVE (4)

Optical-to-Electrical Converter

The N7005A optical-to-electrical converter was designed for use with the company’s Infiniium UXR-series of high performance real-time oscilloscopes. This solution provides real-time analysis and debug capabilities on up to 4 channels simultaneously, offering designers new testing methodologies. KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES (6)

Designer’s Kit with Cable Assemblies

Model KHFC4-086+ Coaxial Cable Designer’s Kit packs a total of 18 cable assemblies for applications from DC to 18 GHz. The RoHS-compliant cable assemblies are constructed with hand-formable 0.086” diameter cables with tight minimum bend radius of 6mm for tight spaces. MINI-CIRCUITS (4)

Thin Film Chip Resistors

NCW AT Low Ohmic, Wide Terminal Thin Film Chip Resistors feature extraordinary temperature cycling robustness, verified through extensive testing. The permissible power rating is specified with up to 1W for size 0612. Typical applications include power electronics in automotive and industrial appliances, such as burden resistors.   VISHAY/BEYSCHLAG (4)

AC Sources with 3-Phase Capability

The 9830B Series programmable AC power sources provide high performance and low total harmonic distortion in a 3U form factor. Offering 2000 VA or 3000 VA models, the new 9832B and 9833B provide the ability to connect three instruments to create a 3-phase AC power source using the convenient 3-phase kit (TL983P-KIT) option.  B&K PRECISION […]

New 5G Tool Kits

Design and sales support is available for test accessory kits from Rosenberger North America. Designed for mmWave 5G testing applications, two kits offer adapter and cable assembly options along with a calibrated torque wrench. The set is supplied in a sturdy wooden box to organize and protect the contents.    RFMW (4)

Extreme RF Adapters

The most recent additions to the company’s product offerings are extreme frequency in and between series adapters (40+ GHz) that are ideal for testing applications where the utmost precision and accuracy is key. The series is available in 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 1.85mm, SMPM, and SMPS, and cover DC to 65 GHz. SV MICROWAVE (4)