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Aitech Enhances Space Technologies Production Through Partnership with LACO Technologies

Thermal vacuum system enables in-house testing functionality, better quality control Highlights: Aitech Systems, a leading provider of rugged boards and system level solutions for military, aerospace and space applications, has expanded its in-house space production and testing capabilities by implementing a thermal vacuum system from LACO Technologies, a leading manufacturer of vacuum and leak testing […]

Ducommun Incorporated Announces Award of Major Defense Orders for Raytheon Radar Systems

Ducommun Incorporated (NYSE: DCO) (“Ducommun” or the “Company”), a global supplier of innovative electronic and structural solutions for the aerospace & defense industry, is proud to announce two major awards totaling over $50M in revenue for the Raytheon SPY-6 family of radar systems. These two awards represent a $25M follow on order for one circuit card […]

Modelithics Welcomes Knowles as Sponsoring MVP

Modelithics®, Inc., a uniquely positioned source of scalable and highly accurate RF/microwave simulation models, is pleased to welcome Knowles Precision Devices, a segment of Knowles Corporation (NYSE:KN), into the Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) Program at the Sponsoring level. Knowles is a leading provider of a wide range of highly engineered capacitors and other components (covering microwave to millimeter-wave frequencies) […]

Ducommun Incorporated Confirms Receipt of Unsolicited, Non-Binding Indication of Interest From Albion River

Ducommun Incorporated (NYSE: DCO) (“Ducommun” or the “Company”), a global supplier of innovative electronic systems and structural solutions for the aerospace and defense industry, today confirmed that the Company’s Board of Directors has received an unsolicited non-binding indication of interest from Albion River LLC, a private direct investment firm, to acquire all outstanding shares of […]

Greenerwave Unveils its First Satcom User Terminal to Meet the Connectivity Needs of LEO and GEO

Just one month after raising €15m in funding, Greenerwave, the deeptech start-up specializing in the control of electromagnetic waves, unveils its first satellite communications (SATCOM) user terminal designed to revolutionize the SATCOM landscape. Leveraging unique design and AI-driven technology, the terminal maintains high-speed connectivity between any type of GEO and LEO satellites, even when on […]

Understanding True Time Delay for Phased Arrays

by James Cheng, Senior Product Line Manager, Qorvo Phased array antennas use phase shifters, true time delay, or a combination to point the summed beam more accurately toward the desired direction within an array’s steered angle. This article reviews both methods and how wider bandwidth antenna arrays are driving the use of true time delay […]

The Evolution of Directed Energy Weapons

With the rapid escalation of drones in warfare,the need for directed energy (DE) weapons, i.e., high-energy laser (HEL) and high-power microwave (HPM) systems, has become acute, as they may be the only cost-effective way of degrading or destroying drones, especially if they’re launched in swarms. Although laser DE weapons have significant strengths, this article focuses […]

The Benefits of Fused Silica Packaging Technology

by ED2 Corporation There have been several recent advancements in RF semiconductor packaging, and one of the most interesting is ED2 Corporation’s Advanced Glass Bonding Technology (AGBT). Founded in 2018, the Tucson, AZ, company’s core competency is its Advanced Glass Bonding Technology (AGBT), a process that exploits the unique properties of fused silica. Unlike traditional […]

Ceramic Band Pass Filter

The AM1488B1287 surface mount ceramic bandpass filter has a center frequency of 1488.4 MHz and a passband of 1475.9 to 1500.9 MHz, along with a VSWR of 1.7:1, passband insertion loss of 3.8 dB and passband ripple of 1 dB. Rejection is between 20 dB and 25 dB depending on the frequency, and the operating […]

6 GHz Software for Comms Tester

MX800010A-014 software extends the measurement capability of the MT8000A radio communication test station and can conduct RF tests between 5.925 GHz and 7.125 GHz to evaluate transceiver characteristics, performance, and other properties. The software was developed to support 3GPP Release 17, which extends the 6 GHz band. ANRITSU (10)