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Embedded PCB Antennas

A new line of 23 embedded PCB antennas features a small form factor PCB design with frequencies ranging from 700 MHz to 5.8 GHz, gain ranging from 0 to 5 […]

Four-Way Combiner/Divider

Model D9649, a multi-octave RF device, is a 4-way combiner that covers the full 20 to 4000 MHz band, offers 12 dB minimum isolation, and operates with less than 1.5 […]

AWR Design Environment V15: Design and Verification for 5G and Beyond

by Cadence RF and microwave devices will be integrated into an unprecedented number of connected smart devices and systems enabled by the latest wireless technologies. Developing these systems requires a […]

The Vital Role of RF Technology During a Pandemic

by Eric Creviston, President, Qorvo Mobile Products Life has certainly changed for all of us in the past few months. In the age of COVID-19, we are staying distant from […]

RF Adapter for High Power Applications

Developed for high RF power delivery applications, Model 452-492-320 has a 50 ohm impedance and DC to 8 GHz operating frequency range. The connector configuration is 7/16 female to QC […]

LTCC Balun Transformer

Model NCR2-123-3+ is a low-temperature-cofired-ceramic (LTCC) 1:2 balun transformer with broad frequency range of 4.7 to 12.0 GHz. Suitable for point-to-point and satellite communications radios, the 50 ohm, RoHS-compliant balun […]

Between-Series Adaptor Configurations

New between-series 1.0 to 1.85mm adaptor configurations cover DC to 65 GHz. They offer maximum VSWR of 1.25:1 and withstand the -55 to +105ºC temperature range. Configurations are available in […]

Pick Off Tee/Resistive Tap

Pick Off Tees, also known as Resistive Taps, are unique in that they allow coupling of a signal over a very flat, wide bandwidth, and can be used in much […]

Two-Way Power Divider/Combiner

MPD-0226SM is a MMIC 2-way Wilkinson power divider. Features include 2 to 26.5 GHz in-phase power splitting, 20 dB typical output to output isolation, and outstanding phase and amplitude balance. […]

Compact High-Power Amplifier Helps Improve Counter UAS Responses

The new TA1264 high-power amplifier weighs in at just 16 ounces, measures under 4” square and under 1” in height, and operates across the broad frequency range of 300 MHz […]