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Low Voltage GaAs HBT Amplifiers

Design and sales support is available for two MMIC power amplifiers from CML Microcircuits. The CMX90A003 and CMX90A004 are two-stage, fully matched MMIC power amplifiers for use in 860 to […]

Gain Equalizers

The EQY-XX-283+ series of absorptive gain equalizers feature a wide frequency range of DC to 28 GHz and are usable to 30 GHz. Based on GaAs integrated passive device (IPD) […]

All Hail the Zener Diode Noise Source

by Fairview Microwave Noise is the enemy of all receivers, obliterating the desired signals and rendering attempts to eliminate it problematic, but for more than 70 years, it has also […]

Integrated Microwave Assembly (IMA)

Model PIMA-218-3S3A-32-NS3F-NSI is an IMA that operates over the 2.0 to 18.0 GHz frequency range. Specs include maximum insertion loss of 4 dB, minimum isolation of 60 dB, gain flatness […]

High Density Offline Power Solutions

The company has launched the industry’s first dedicated critical conduction mode (CrM) totem pole PFC controller as a new addition to its solution set for ultra-high density offline power supplies. […]

MMIC Gain Blocks

The company has launched its first MMIC gain blocks, the AKA series of InGaP HBT amplifiers with a bandwidth of DC to 14 GHz. Four options are available with gain […]

Component Carriers

A component carrier that can be used directly with electronic components eliminates manual assembly and replaces flexible PCBs, increasing precision and reducing assembly costs. It serves as a connecting element […]

Quarter Watt Linear PAs

The GRF5517, GRF5518, and GRF5519 are three new 1/4W linear power amplifiers released as part of the company’s expansion into the cellular market. These InGaP HBT amplifiers were designed specifically […]

RF Front-End Module (FEM)

The SKY66122-11 is a RF FEM for Wi-SUN and other proprietary technologies operating in unlicensed bands,.Designed to enable greater range extension, it provides more than two times the range of […]

Mitigating the High Cost of Product Defects Associated with Shipping and Handling Thin Microwave ICs

by Darby Davis, Gel-Pak and Craig Blanchette, BAE Systems Expansion in the areas of SATCOM, automotive radar, 5G, and security are pushing high frequency semiconductor technologies toward smaller, thinner footprints. […]