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High Frequency, Low Loss, Batch Manufactured Package

by Tim Smith, Bill Rhyne, Robert Reid and Christopher Hatfield, Cubic-Nuvotronics Semiconductor design and process technologies have advanced considerably at millimeter-wave frequencies and are rapidly increasing toward the terahertz region. […]

Microwave Connector Considerations for Defense UAVs

by Kelvin Riddle, Business Development Manager, RF & Microwave – Nogales, Winchester Interconnect Military and aerospace missions rely on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for intelligence, security, and reconnaissance (ISR), electronic […]

Signal Hound Expands Footprint by Doubling Space at Headquarters Facility

Signal Hound today announced it is expanding its physical presence by doubling the footprint at their southwest Washington headquarters by 11,000 square feet. The decision to expand operations is a […]

Nordic Semiconductor Expands nRF91 Series with nRF9151 SiP

Nordic Semiconductor, a leading provider of low power wireless connectivity solutions, announces the expansion of its nRF91 Series cellular IoT devices with the introduction of the nRF9151 System-in-Package (SiP). The […]

Z-matched Pick-off Tee

The HL9469 broadband Z-matched pick-off tee is available as either matched pairs or individual devices that offer flat frequency response from DC to 110 GHz on both the thru and […]

Semi-rigid Waveguide Flange-to-Flange Adaptor

The Series 562 is a hand-formable waveguide section suitable for use at frequencies from 50 GHz to 330 GHz, where flexible waveguides are often not available, or their performance and […]

Hybrid Antenna for EMC Testing

The 3140B BiConiLog is one in a series of hybrid antennas designed for broadband EMC radiated immunity measurements, operates from 26 MHz to 3 GHz, and is small enough to […]

Benchtop RF Power Amplifier

The MPA-6G-18G-50 GaN RF power amplifier operates from 6 to 18 GHz, delivers saturated power of 50 W with gain flatness of  ±3 dB, has a gain adjustment of 20 […]

Digital Signal Booster

The HONBDA-A-7S27B digital signal booster operates from 758 to 869 MHz and is suited for P25 Phase I and Phase II, DMR, and NXDN for indoor and outdoor coverage. It […]

Josephson Junction Parametric Amplifier

The QMC-JPA-MCA01 is a cryogenic Josephson Junction parametric amplifier designed to be installed onto the mixing chamber plate of a dilution refrigerator. It is compatible with standard RF microwave readout […]