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Four-Way Power Divider

Model APD-4-2G26G-292FF-1W is a 2.0 to 26.0 GHz, 4-way power divider. This model offers a maximum insertion loss of 2.25 dB with a maximum VSWR of 1.7:1, and a minimum isolation of 15 dB. Power handling is >1W. The unit contains 2.92mm (F) connectors and its size is 3.00 x 2.00 x 0.375”. Planar Monolithics […]

Wideband Parabolic Antenna Line

A new series of wideband, dual-polarized antennas covers the 4.9 to 6 GHz frequency bands. They are ideal for 5 GHz ISM, U-NII-1, -2, -3, -4 and 4.9 GHz public safety bands, as well as high-density, point-to-point backhaul applications, and client premises. The wideband design of this antenna eliminates the need to purchase different antennas […]

Photovoltaic Array Simulators

A new family of photovoltaic (PV) array simulators are the first to deliver 2000V and 20kW of power in a 3U format, enabling engineers to maximize solar power conversion. This next generation PV8900 series of PV array simulators offers the following features and customer benefits: the highest power density with 20kW in 3U high that […]

Power Conversion Module

Design and sales support is available for a hybrid power management IC from Qorvo. The ACT86600 includes four high power DC/DC step down converters, a lower power step down converter, and a buck-boost converter. It is highly flexible and can be reconfigured via I2C for multiple applications without the need for PCB changes. RFMW (6)

Power by Linear™ Silent Switchers

Now available with full design support capabilities are the Power by Linear Silent Switchers from Analog Devices, Inc. They offer high efficiency at high switching frequencies while maintaining ultralow EMI emissions. These regulators bring new levels of performance for synchronous stepdown DC/DC converters. Richardson RFPD (4)

Expanded 60300 Jack Series

The company has expanded its 60300 Jack Series with the addition of Bi-Color LED options to the 10G jack offering. They include horizontal and vertical orientations, along with panel ground shielding options. These small form factor products are also designed to support PoE applications requiring 15W up to 100W.    Stewart Connector (4)

Enabling Remote Collaborative Bench Test for an Uncertain World

by Wayne Mackey, Keysight Technologies Uncertainty. It is at the very heart of electronic testing. You test to be certain. The quality of any test is measured by how much uncertainty you can eliminate. We also live in uncertain times that demand results in the face of working apart from one another. How do we […]

DPDT Switch for Automotive Telematics

Design and sales support is now available for an RF switch designed to support cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) connectivity. The Skyworks Solutions SKY5A1007 is a CMOS, silicon-on-insulator (SOI) DPDT switch with high linearity performance from 0.4 to 5.9 GHz. RFMW (3)

Wideband Recording Platform Updated

The MUNIN 1005-IF wideband recorder ensures gapless recording of wideband IF signals from 2 to 600 MHz real-time bandwidth. This, together with the pre-trigger buffer, is specifically important in mission critical applications with GNSS, radar, or telemetry signals. The configurable platform is ideal for capturing one or more RF/IF channels in real-time for DUT characterization, […]

Solid-State High-Power Amplifier

A new solid-state high-power amplifier from Empower RF Systems, the 1219 is a 500 to 6000 MHz amplifier guaranteed to deliver 25W minimum output power and related RF performance under all specified temperature and environmental conditions. It is designed for RF product testing, broadband mobile jamming, and band-specific high-power applications in the UHF, L, S, […]