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UWB Tracking Antenna Arrays

These 3D RF tracking antennas track RF positioning in three dimensions via a high-density, customizable antenna array with up to 32 antennas for azimuth and elevation information. The IsoLOG DF 16-10180 models have a frequency range of 1 to 18 GHz, and the IsoLOG DF 16-20400 can target signals between 2 and 40 GHz. ARONIA […]

Mini-FAKRA Cable Assemblies

AUTOMATE Mini-FAKRA cable assemblies are available in straight single, dual, or quad-port mini-FAKRA jack-to-jack configurations and are designed on flexible RG-174 cables. They support data transmission rates up to 20 Gb/s at frequencies up to 9 GHz and are constructed with a closed-entry cable interface that limits the size of mating parts to prevent contact […]

Blind-mate PkZ Contact

The 68-0020-0861 member of the 68 Series PkZ multiport blind mate contacts overcomes mating gaps without needing an internal engagement spring, resulting in low insertion forces and reliable electrical performance. It supports 0.086 semi-rigid cables and ARINC 600 housings, operates up to 12 GHz, and has a constant Impedance to an axial mating tolerance of […]

40 GHz Passive Equalizer

The EQL-DC40-20-292FF is a DC to 40 GHz passive equalizer that allows both forward and reverse measurements to be equivalent. It has an insertion loss of 3 dB at 40 GHz, uses female SMA connectors and measures 0.53 x 0.7 x 0.26 in. QUANTIC PMI (11)

44 GHz SD4T Antenna Switch

The RFS44 SP4T absorptive switch is based on silicon-on-insulator technology and operates up to 44 GHz. The switch has direct logic control, a 20 ns switching time, and allows for frequency or interval switching with supported hardware. SIGNAL HOUND (9)

Front End Module

The QPF4659 front-end module is designed for Wi-Fi 7 systems and integrates a 6 GHz power amplifier, SP2T switch, and bypassable low-noise amplifier in a single package. A coupler and a constant-slope voltage logarithmic power detector are provided. QORVO (26)

V-band TWTA

The TL02VO-A1 traveling wave tube amplifier provides at least 80 W of RF power in a rugged, compact, weatherproof package for wideband single- and multicarrier satellite service over a 4.2 GHz bandwidth (5.2 GHz bandwidth optional) within the V-band of 47.2 to 52.4 GHz. It has integrated 1:1 switch control and drive, an Ethernet interface […]

Ku-band Phase Matched Low-Noise Amplifier

The low-noise tracking amplifier is designed for remote satellite downlink telemetry, is phase-matched to ±10 deg., phase-tracked within ± 10 deg., and is packaged in a weather-resistant and EMI-sealed enclosure. It has a frequency range of 13.4 to 14.05 GHz, an RF gain from 50 to 52 dB, a gain ripple of 0.025 dB over […]

Multichannel Data Conversion Processing Solution

The DRF5580 SOSA™-aligned 3U Open VPX board is based on the Intel Agilex 9 Direct RF-Series FPGA. Four 64 Gs/s ADCs and DACs are integrated into the multiprocessor architecture. Complementing the Agilex 9’s on-chip resources are the DRF5580’s clocking section for multichannel and multi-board synchronization, a modular front end for RF input and output, 16 […]

50 GHz Flexible Cable

The HLB098 Littlebend flexible coaxial cable is well suited for dense microwave packaging with a 0.2 in. minimum bend radius in a 0.098-in. cable and operates up to 50 GHz. The cable is terminated in 2.4 mm straight connectors, and SMA, 2.92 mm, SMP, and SMPM connectors are available. Phase stability with flexure is ±10 […]