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Semi-rigid Waveguide Flange-to-Flange Adaptor

The Series 562 is a hand-formable waveguide section suitable for use at frequencies from 50 GHz to 330 GHz, where flexible waveguides are often not available, or their performance and reliability are unsatisfactory. For most applications, a low-loss flexible section that can be bent or formed once, twice or three times is required. To meet […]

Hybrid Antenna for EMC Testing

The 3140B BiConiLog is one in a series of hybrid antennas designed for broadband EMC radiated immunity measurements, operates from 26 MHz to 3 GHz, and is small enough to fit within compact test chambers. It features a patented T-Bow Tie element design that improves low-frequency performance compared to conventional biconical or other hybrid antennas. […]

Benchtop RF Power Amplifier

The MPA-6G-18G-50 GaN RF power amplifier operates from 6 to 18 GHz, delivers saturated power of 50 W with gain flatness of  ±3 dB, has a gain adjustment of 20 dB, and a VSWR of 2:1. Second harmonic power is -15 dBc, spurious emissions are -65 dBc, and IM3 at 13 dB backoff is -37 […]

Digital Signal Booster

The HONBDA-A-7S27B digital signal booster operates from 758 to 869 MHz and is suited for P25 Phase I and Phase II, DMR, and NXDN for indoor and outdoor coverage. It has a passband of 100 kHz, provides gain of 85 dB, antenna isolation of 20 dB, and oscillation detection with alarm and auto-shutdown. It supports […]

Josephson Junction Parametric Amplifier

The QMC-JPA-MCA01 is a cryogenic Josephson Junction parametric amplifier designed to be installed onto the mixing chamber plate of a dilution refrigerator. It is compatible with standard RF microwave readout chains found in cryogenic measurement setups that characterize superconducting devices. The amplifier can be used to design, develop, and validate auxiliary cryogenic circuitry, which is […]

Modular Data Acquisition Recorder

With 10 slots for input modules, the DAS1800 modular data acquisition recorder can be configured for a wide variety of applications. Three input modules with 4 or 8 channels each can be configured to achieve the optimal channel configuration. It can acquire data from any sensor with a voltage or current output or directly measure […]

WR34 Diplexer

The DPX-WC-22-28-34 is a WR34 diplexer with a passband of 20.33 to 24.33 GHz and 25.9 to 31.3 GHz and is only half the size of typical waveguide diplexers with similar electrical performance. The WC-Series can achieve broad bandwidths and eliminate the need for additional low-pass filters. Together, both channels cover nearly the entire WR34 […]

6 to 12 GHz Coaxial Isolator

The F2166-0900-67 isolator covers 6 to 12 GHz with insertion loss of 0.6 dB and reverse isolation of 18 dB. It features SMA connectors, 0.6 dB of insertion loss, 18 dB minimum reverse isolation, and a VSWR of 1.4:1. Forward power handling is rated to 10 W, connectors are female SMA, and operating temperature range […]

FttH Solution

The RESA Compact Closure (RESA CC) Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) solution is smaller and more compact than its cousin the RESA Splice Closure (RESA SC. The installation process has been designed to be executed in a straightforward two-step approach. The first step involves the carrier pre-installing the RESA CC underground at the property edge. This is followed […]

Spread Spectrum Oscillators

These spread spectrum oscillators are direct replacements for standard clock oscillators and reduce electromagnetic interference by up to 12 dB. Offering various modulation rates and spreads, available frequencies range from 16 to 40 MHz. The oscillators are housed in a surface mount package measuring 2.5 x 2.0 x 0.9 mm. Frequency stability is ±25 ppm, […]