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Microwave Power Module

The dB-3201 is a conduction-cooled microwave power module that operates from 26.5 to 40 GHz, delivers an RF output power of 125 W (pulsed or CW), and is designed to […]

Handheld GPS Receiver

The NavGuide handheld GPS receiver is designed for use in vehicular, handheld, and sensors operating in harsh environmental conditions. It is a portable solution that provides users with a moving […]

SAASM Receiver

The NavAssure 200 is a Selective Availability Anti-spoofing Module receiver designed for SWaP-constrained applications. It supports L1 and L2 bands simultaneously with 12 tracking channels and supports the ICD-GPS-153 protocol […]

New Space Requires More Innovative Testing Solutions

by Russell Roberts, Key Accounts Manager North America, Quadsat The satellite industry is changing with New Space innovations, primarily driven by consumer demand for seamless connectivity to power next-generation services […]

High Power Limiter

The LM-150M5G-200CW-2KWPK-AGAL-ROHS is a limiter that operates from 150 MHz to 5 GHz and handles 200 W CW and peak power of 2 KW with a 25 µs PW and […]

Power Dividers

The PD20-1000WG series of power dividers are 1-inch squares made of brass and gold plated. When power is applied to the input port, it is divided between the two output […]

67 GHz Switches

The CCR-67V series SPDT coaxial switches operate from DC to 67 GHz, have a contact life of 2 million cycles, and use 1.85-mm connectors. They are available in fail-safe and […]

Fixed Attenuators

This series of fixed bidirectional attenuators have QMA connectors with a male interface at the input and a female interface at the output that allows for quick mating and demating […]

Pulse Generator for Handheld Analyzers

Option 357 54 GHz signal generator software is available for B- and C-Series FieldFox handheld analyzers. It includes standard pulses, FM chirps, FM triangles, AM pulses, and user-definable pulse sequences. […]

Direct-to-RF Transceiver

The DirectRF+™ transceiver extension to the SCi Blocks family of modular RF+Digital™ system building blocks provides high-speed digitization of up to eight RF inputs and eight RF outputs. The transceiver […]