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Bluetooth LE-powered VR Headset and Controllers Enable Low Latency Gaming with Realistic Haptic Feedback

From vastly improved graphics to increasingly powerful processors, the world of gaming has reaped the rewards of technological advancement. The types of games being created today are more realistic and […]

ISOLA Insight: Why So Many Circuit Materials?

by Matthew Lake, Senior Director Advanced Technology, Isola Printed electronic circuits are part of everything we do, in growing numbers of electronic devices for computing, communications, transportation and many other functions. […]

Isola Insight: Materials Electrify Automotive Circuits

by Fandy Wei, Senior Director, OEM Marketing in Asia, Isola Electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) are gaining in popularity. Printed-circuit-board (PCB) materials are essential components for these vehicles; […]

ISOLA Insight: Packing mmWave Circuits into 5G Microcells

by Alexander Ippich, Technical Director, Signal Integrity & Advanced Technology, Product Manager RF/Microwave, Isola Fifth Generation (5G) wireless cellular networks promise performance that will meet every mobile user’s need, including […]

ISOLA Insight: Probing Materials for Millimeter-Wave PCBs

by Matthew Lake, Isola Analog frequencies and digital data rates are increasing steadily in electronic circuits and systems, requiring careful choices of circuit materials for printed circuit boards (PCBs). Cellular […]