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Detangling DoD’s Cable and Connector Standards

by Pasternack Standards are essential requirements for any industry as they attempt to eliminate the chaos that would ensue when there are no defined performance and construction guidelines for manufacturers […]

Ethernet 10BASE-T1S and 10BASE-T1L are Reinventing Vehicle and Industrial Connectivity

by Dustin Guttadauro, product line manager, L-com Since it was first conceived in the 1970s, the number of IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standards has grown to nearly three dozen with more […]

Why Millimeter Wave Requires a Different Approach to DPD and How to Quantify Its Value

by Hossein Yektaii, Wireless System Architect; Patrick Pratt, Algorithm Design Engineer; and Frank Kearney, Engineering Manager, Analog Devices, Inc. Abstract In the 5G New Radio standard, millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies, […]