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RF Signal Chain Discourse — Part 2: Essential Building Blocks

by Anton Patyuchenko, Field Applications Engineer, Analog Devices, Inc. Discrete and integrated components represent functional building blocks underpinning RF signal chains across all application domains. In Part 1 of our […]

Multichip Modules Provide the Performance Needed for 5G Massive MIMO

by Nathan Glaza, Integrated Power Solution Portfolio Manager, Radio Power BL at NXP Semiconductors The 5G collection of standards provides numerous means for dramatically improving the data rates that users […]

From RF Link and Component Design to Implementation with Cadence VSS and Rohde & Schwarz VSESIM-VSS Software

by Dr. Gent Paparisto and David Vye, Cadence and Markus Loerner, Rohde & Schwarz Simulation with electronic design automation (EDA) software is critical to the design of modern RF front-end […]

Rapidly Advancing Technologies Create New Challenges for RF Test and Measurement

by Times Microwave Systems Test leads are used in just about every manufacturing space that deals with electronics, including avionics, wireless infrastructure, semiconductors, and more. The typical RF testing process […]

A Deeper Look at Lithium Ion Cell Self-Discharge Measurement Method

by Ed Brorein, Keysight Technologies Introduction What is a cell’s self-discharge? Self-discharge is the loss of charge over time while the cell is not connected to any load. Some amount […]