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Ethernet 10BASE-T1S and 10BASE-T1L are Reinventing Vehicle and Industrial Connectivity

by Dustin Guttadauro, product line manager, L-com Since it was first conceived in the 1970s, the number of IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standards has grown to nearly three dozen with more […]

Why Millimeter Wave Requires a Different Approach to DPD and How to Quantify Its Value

by Hossein Yektaii, Wireless System Architect; Patrick Pratt, Algorithm Design Engineer; and Frank Kearney, Engineering Manager, Analog Devices, Inc. Abstract In the 5G New Radio standard, millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies, […]

Phase-Stable Cables and the Challenges of Space

by David Kiesling, Director of Commercial Sales and Marketing, Times Microwave Systems Satellite communications are an indispensable part of global infrastructure, enabling real-time data transmission anywhere on earth and into […]

RF Technology for Defense

by Per Vices Radio frequency (RF) transceiver technology has played a prominent role in defense applications since its inception, supporting signals intelligence (SIGINT), electronic warfare (EW), radar, and communications functions. […]

Low Phase Noise DAC-Based Frequency Synthesis for Fast Hopping Wideband Microwave Applications – Part 2

by Ben Annino, Applications Director, Analog Devices, Inc. In Part 1 of this article series (available here), which ran in the January issue of Microwave Product Digest, we discussed phase […]