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RF Signal Chain Discourse: Properties and Performance Metrics

by Anton Patyuchenko, Field Applications Engineer, Analog Devices, Inc. It was not so long ago from the historical perspective, at the dawn of the 20th century, that the RF engineering […]

Why a Fully Integrated Translation Loop Device Achieves the Best Phase Noise Performance

by Erkan Acar, RF Systems Architect, Analog Devices, Inc. We are experiencing an explosive growth in demand for bandwidth that pushes the carrier frequencies to multiple decades of gigahertz. At […]

Radar/EW Signal Analysis Using Ultra High Sample Rate Oscilloscopes

by Brad Frieden & Philip Gresock, Aerospace and Defense group, Keysight Technologies Inc. Abstract Modern electronic warfare (EW) trends are demanding an increase in capability to keep pace with the […]

Revolutionizing Radar Design with Electronically Reconfigurable GaN Power Amplifiers

by Petteri Litmanen, Charles F. Campbell & Rajanish Pandey, Qorvo Modern radar systems are being configured as multi-band radars that can use multiple frequency bands in various environment and target […]

New Advanced Circulators Overcome mmWave Design Challenges

by Greg Rankin, Micro Harmonics As communications providers race to deliver on the potential of 5G, research and design projects are already looking towards 6G and beyond. The promise of […]