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    Manual Variable Attenuator

    Model 751-018-100 is a 50 ohm manual variable attenuator that covers the DC to 1000 MHz frequency range. This device features 100 dB of attenuation in 10 dB steps. The […]

    Rubidium™ Signal Generator Family

    The Rubidium signal generator family delivers outstanding signal purity and frequency stability, even at high output power levels, across a broad frequency range of 9 kHz to 43.5 GHz. Coupled […]

    GaN Drivers

    A pair of new isolated gate drivers is ideally suited for driving GaN power parts used in a wide variety of power supply, dc/dc converter, battery management systems (BMS), Point-of-Load […]

    Dual-Beam Active Beamforming IC Lineup

    The company has expanded its portfolio of mmWave LNAs and Tx BFICs with the introduction of three new dual-beam active beamforming ICs: F6121 for Ku-band SATCOM; F6122 for Ka-band SATCOM, […]

    Circuit Materials Link Critical LEO Satellite Communications

    I-Tera® MT40 circuit materials provide reliable starting points for crucial multilayer circuits in military low earth orbit satellites (LEOS). LEOS are increasingly used for critical military communications as more traditional […]

    Compact Coaxial Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)

    ZX60-06203ALN+ is a LNA with medium output power from 6 to 20 GHz. Gain is typically 17 dB through 20 GHz, while noise figure is typically 2,2 dB to 12 […]

    Medium Power GaAs FET

    The MwT-7F is a GaAs MESFET device whose normal 0.25 micron gate length and 250 micron gate width make it ideally suited to applications requiring high gain and medium linear […]

    Ultra-Broadband Directional Coupler

    Model 102050006, an ultra-broadband directional coupler, offers 30 dB of coupling over the frequency range of 2 to 50 GHz (S- through Q-bands) in a single, compact, and lightweight package. […]