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    GNSS Pattern Antenna System

    The 16300-D is a 16-array GPS/GNSS anti-jamming controlled-reception pattern antenna (CRPA) system that uses beamforming techniques to eliminate interference to ensure the uninterrupted operation of GNSS receivers in the presence […]

    Exportable Multiband Miniature Transceiver (E-MMT)

    Operating at 400 to 470 MHz, 1000 to 1999 MHz, 2 to 2.5 GHz, 4.4 to 6 GHz, and 14.4 to 15.35 GHz, the E-MMT provides reliable, secure IP channels […]

    Non-Magnetic HV/RF Teflon Capacitors

    The combination of pure PTFE and a proprietary electroplating process produces non-magnetic capacitors with very high performance that ensures a strong molecular bond between the PTFE and the copper layer […]

    Double-ridge Waveguide Right Angle Adapter

    This range of double-ridge waveguide right angle adapters covers 1 to 40 GHz and is suitable for microwave component testing, radar systems, and satellite applications. The adapters have deep matching […]

    Phased Array Antenna Control and Calibration System

    The Phased Array Antenna Control and Calibration System improves signal pointing accuracy by optimizing the frequency, gain, and phase response of active antenna array elements. The automated test system reduces […]

    SAW Filters for GNSS

    The RSF Series of SAW filters is designed for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Compass (BeiDou), and NavIC systems. The RSF SAW filters minimize insertion loss and ripple and provide superior signal […]

    DC to 90 GHz Connectors

    These vertical, solderless, non-rotating compression-mount connectors operate from DC to 90 GHz, making them well suited for frequency test and measurement applications. The connectors have precision alignment features that ensure […]

    GaN RF Power Amplifier

    The SKU 1222 is a Class AB 9 to 10 GHz amplifier that can deliver up to 250 W peak output power and uses GaN-on-SiC transistors. It provides control via […]