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    6 to 18 GHz Microwave Power Module

    The PTXM9754 is a compact 100 W CW modular microwave power module with an integrated “Super Mini” TWT, a solid state preamplifier, and a high-density switch mode power supply to […]

    UHF power LDMOS transistor

    The BLU9H0408L-800P is an 800 W LDMOS power transistor for UHF radar applications operating between 400 to 800 MHz and has an efficiency of 67%, integrated dual-sided ESD protection, is […]

    Ku-band Synthesizer

    The RFE-2017021 Ku-band frequency synthesizer is designed for EW, SIGINT, radar and microwave radio applications and operates from 11 to 15 GHz with a switching speed of less than 50 […]

    Phase-matched Multiplexer

    This low-profile multiplexer has a passband of 500 MHz to 2 GHz with an insertion loss of 2 dB, a typical VSWR of 2.2:1, rejection of 40 dB, and an […]

    Thin-film Bandpass Filters

    The Planar X Series of thin-film bandpass filters are designed for applications in harsh environments and provide system engineers with a compact solution for critical RF filtering in X, Ku, […]

    4 Channel Switched Filter Bank

    These combline filters are integrated with PIN diode switches to produce an X-band/Ku-band band switched filter bank. The extremely fast switching speed of 1 µs is TTL controlled via external […]

    20 to 1000 MHz 20 W Power Amplifier

    The TA1055 power amplifier module uses GaN transistor technology to achieve highly linear power with low distortion, or peak power at high efficiencies to meet any radio system’s requirements. This […]

    FSK Data Transceivers

    The FMX1 Series FSK data transceivers are miniature cost-effective solutions for remotely controlling aerial and ground vehicles, communicating with remote sites, controlling PTZ cameras, and other serial applications with bidirectional […]