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    Dual Channel RF Record and Playback System

    The IQC5000B dual-channel RF record and playback system is designed for electronic warfare, interference analysis, surveillance, and spectrum monitoring and management. The system has two recording channels each with an […]

    L-band SSPA

    The Model 1414-2500 solid-state RF source operates from 960 MHz to 1215 MHz and is designed for avionics testing, including TACAN, DME, and IFF, and can generate 2.5 KW of […]

    1 kW RF Power Amplifier

    The 8000-007 GaAs RF power amplifier system delivers better efficiency than silicon-based amplifiers, operates from 80 MHz to 1 GHz, and provides up to 1 kW of output power for […]

    Rubidium Oscillator

    The Spectratime LNRClok-1500 is a compact low-noise 10 MHz GPS/GNSS-disciplined Rubidium oscillator with an optional GNSS receiver. It delivers a sine wave output with phase noise of -145 dBc/Hz at […]

    Multi-Band GNSS Anti-Jamming Solution

    The GPSdome 2 is a multiband GNSS anti-jamming solution designed to offer protection against GPS jamming, ensuring continuity of autonomous navigation and operation under jamming conditions. The 4-element GNSS system […]

    Block Upconverter

    The SB52KOA GaAs block upconverter converts input frequencies from 950 to 2000 MHz to output frequencies from 27.5-31 GHz and delivers output power of 80 to 100 W with gain […]

    Low-Noise Cryogenic Amplifier

    The 50-1K00-D2 low-noise cryogenic amplifier operates from 6 to 8.5 GHz and provides more than 40 dB of gain with a noise figure of less than 0.022 dB (at 4 […]

    GaN Block Upconverter

    The ACTX-Ka4W-Ex-V6 low-power GaN block upconverter converts an input frequency from 950 to 2000 MHz to an output frequency from 27.5 to 31 GHz and is designed for Ka-band military […]