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    Beamforming IC for Phased Arrays

    The ADAR1000 is a 4-channel, X- and Ku-band beamformer chip for phased arrays and satellite communications systems that covers 8 to 16 GHz. The device operates in half-duplex mode between […]

    HD-BNC Connectors for LMR-195-UF Cable

    These HD-BNC connectors are designed for Times Microwave LMR-195-UF cable and have a maximum operating frequency of 6 GHz. The connector bodies are machined from nickel-plated brass and have a […]

    Portable Spectrum Recording System

    The RFeye® SenS Portable is a lightweight, portable I/Q recorder for high-fidelity, long-duration RF recording and signal extraction from 9 kHz to 8 or 18 GHz. It has a 100 […]

    L-band Transceiver for Group 2 UAS

    The THPR1039 is a two-channel dual-MIMO radio designed for use in Group 2 UAS and delivers 5 W per channel. When used in UAS video and communications links it can […]

    Blocking Switch Matrix

    The ZTVX-12-18 is a 2 x 12 blocking switch matrix covering DC to 18 GHz with low insertion loss and high isolation. The 2U height, 19-inch rack-mountable chassis includes all […]

    TCXO for SATCOM Applications

    The T1276 TCXO is available at frequencies from 2.5 to 120 MHz, is enclosed in a rugged radiation-tolerant hermetic package (200 Krad TID) and has acceleration sensitivity of less than […]

    Large-case High-power Capacitors

    These large case size capacitors have high Q and high RF current and voltage handling ability with ESR/ESL and stable performance characteristics. Larger capacitors respond well to DC-type signals while […]

    40 to 80 dB Fixed Attenuators

    The 351-276-XXX series 50 ohm fixed attenuators operate from DC to 2 GHz and are available in values between 40 and 80 dB with 1 dB steps. They are rated […]