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    Solid State Power Amplifier System with Synthesizer

    The AMP6034 series is designed for various applications including 5G, communications testing, EMI-Lab and EW applications. It is a robust Class A/AB linear design for all modulations and industry standards. […]

    Filters for High Frequency Testing Applications

    Two new filter series for high frequency testing applications, the LC17 and HC17, provide brick wall characteristics and performance to 7 GHz, making them ideal for Audio-Digital-Conversion and Digital-Audio-Conversion (ADC/DAC) […]

    Miniature Surface Mount (SMT) Packaged Noise Sources

    A new series of miniature SMT packaged noise sources is ideal for built-in test equipment, dithering for increased dynamic range of A/D converters, and as a source for bit error […]

    High Power Microwave Comb Generator

    A new class of microwave comb generator featuring formerly unattainable output power levels, low jitter, and spectral content programmability has been introduced. Based on a custom ultra-high-repetition-rate GaN differential pulser […]

    EMI Filtered Insert Solutions

    In conjunction with Quell Technologies, the company now offers quick turn EESeal® EMI filtered inserts that can be easily added to standard Cinch Mil-Spec connectors for a reliable EMI control […]

    High-End Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)

    The R&S ZNA high-end VNA now features models with 50 and 67 GHz maximum frequencies. This opens up the VNA’s outstanding RF performance, unique hardware concept, and innovative touch operation […]

    High-Performance Handheld Microwave Analyzer

    FieldFox is a new high-performance handheld microwave analyzer that speeds installation of 5G, radar, and satellite communication systems. It has a task-driven user interface and provides spectrum and signal analysis, […]

    High Power Limiters

    Two new additions to the company’s family of high power limiters, the TDLM052402 is a quasi-active, 2kW, L/S/C-band SMT PIN diode limiter and the TDLM961122 high power limiter. Both devices […]