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Getting Rough with VNA Test Cables

by Fairview Microwave Introduction The wireless revolution is now in full swing, where innovators and even slow-to-move businesses are making the leap toward wirelessly connecting systems that have traditionally been […]

The Demands of 5G Drive RF Power Amplifier Enhancement

by Fairview Microwave RF power amplifier designers arguably have some of the most vexing challenges, many of which have been made even more difficult since wireless networks transitioned from analog […]

How GaN Transistors Relieve Some of the PA Design Burden in Systems with Non-Constant Envelope Signals

by Fairview Microwave Modern communications systems rely on non-constant envelope techniques with increasingly complex waveforms. This introduces a plethora of design challenges and is particularly burdensome on the power amplifier […]

Meeting the Challenges of Keeping PIM in Check

by Fairview Microwave Passive Intermodulation Distortion (PIM) has been a thorn in the side of RF and microwave designers for decades, and no system is immune, from cellular, land mobile, […]