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The Demands of 5G Drive RF Power Amplifier Enhancement

by Fairview Microwave RF power amplifier designers arguably have some of the most vexing challenges, many of which have been made even more difficult since wireless networks transitioned from analog […]

How GaN Transistors Relieve Some of the PA Design Burden in Systems with Non-Constant Envelope Signals

by Fairview Microwave Modern communications systems rely on non-constant envelope techniques with increasingly complex waveforms. This introduces a plethora of design challenges and is particularly burdensome on the power amplifier […]

Meeting the Challenges of Keeping PIM in Check

by Fairview Microwave Passive Intermodulation Distortion (PIM) has been a thorn in the side of RF and microwave designers for decades, and no system is immune, from cellular, land mobile, […]

The Role and Trending Requirements of RF Limiters in Multifunctional AESA Radar

by Fairview Microwave In the past few years, active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar have transitioned from cutting-edge radar technology designed to be deployed on next-generation multi-role fighters, to capability […]

An Introduction to Passive Interconnect for Millimeter-wave Test

by Fairview Microwave A few years ago, working with electronic signals at millimeter wave frequencies was almost exclusively the domain of advanced military and scientific applications. Consumer products did not […]

Defeating Interference in a Connected World

by Fairview Microwave The wireless industry may be short of available spectrum below 6 GHz, but it has interference in abundance, and there’s even more coming in the future. It’s […]