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World First: Security Guards Reinforce Their Safety and Security with Wearin’s High-tech Vest

Since the beginning of October 2022, all the agents at the security company SOS Cash & Value have been equipped with the intelligent vest from Wearin’, the startup whose Internet […]

KYOCERA AVX Releases an Interactive Modeling and Validation Tool for IoT Devices

The IoT Solution Optimizer, powered by Deutsche Telekom IoT, is a comprehensive, all-in-one design platform that allows customers to quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively model and validate IoT devices equipped with […]

CEVA Announces Milestone of 100 Million CEVA-powered Cellular IoT Chips Shipped

CEVA, Inc. (NASDAQ: CEVA), the leading licensor of wireless connectivity and smart sensing technologies and integrated IP solutions, today announced that more than 100 million CEVA-powered cellular IoT chips have […]

Nordic Semiconductor and Edge Impulse bring accessible Machine Learning to cellular IoT solutions

With Nordic and Edge Impulse’s easy-to-use development tools, designers can now add TinyML—a very efficient form of embedded machine learning (ML)—to their nRF9160 SiP cellular IoT prototypes Nordic Semiconductor announce […]