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KYOCERA AVX Expands its Time- and Cost-saving 9176-700 Series Capped IDC Connectors

The new four- and five-position 9176-700 Series connectors provide robust and reliable gas-tight wire-to-board connections ideal for an even broader range of demanding automotive, transportation, industrial, lighting, and medical applications. […]

Kyocera AVX Launches the Industry’s First Automotive-qualified MLVS with Flexiterm® Technology

The new AEC-Q200-qualifed VCAS Series MLVs feature soft terminations that provide up to 5mm of flexure over 3,000 temperature cycles extending up to 150°C with zero flex failures and stable […]

KYOCERA AVX Releases an Interactive Modeling and Validation Tool for IoT Devices

The IoT Solution Optimizer, powered by Deutsche Telekom IoT, is a comprehensive, all-in-one design platform that allows customers to quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively model and validate IoT devices equipped with […]