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Nordic Semiconductor Announces its First Wi-Fi Chip, the Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 nRF7002

With the nRF7002, Nordic Semiconductor brings decades of ultra-low-power wireless IoT and silicon design expertise to Wi-Fi 6, a standard which features efficiency gains that support long-life, battery-powered wireless IoT […]

Bluetooth LE-powered VR Headset and Controllers Enable Low Latency Gaming with Realistic Haptic Feedback

From vastly improved graphics to increasingly powerful processors, the world of gaming has reaped the rewards of technological advancement. The types of games being created today are more realistic and […]

Europe’s largest independent IoT Connectivity Company, Wireless Logic, Acquires Nordic Cellular IoT SIM partner Arkessa

Nordic Semiconductor announced that one of its nRF9160 System-in-Package (SiP) cellular IoT connectivity partners, Arkessa, has been acquired by an even larger independent IoT connectivity and multi-SIM management company, Wireless […]

Nordic Semiconductor and Edge Impulse bring accessible Machine Learning to cellular IoT solutions

With Nordic and Edge Impulse’s easy-to-use development tools, designers can now add TinyML—a very efficient form of embedded machine learning (ML)—to their nRF9160 SiP cellular IoT prototypes Nordic Semiconductor announce […]

What Lies Beneath

Reliable functioning of city infrastructure will become even more critical after COVID-19. That makes wireless condition monitoring essential Nordic Semiconductor City living was once replete with simple pleasures. A cup […]

Cellular IoT and Short Range Wireless Tech is Helping Farmers, Fleet Managers and Consumers Monitor Tank Levels to Prevent Disruptive Shortages

by Nordic Semiconductor Europe’s largest farm is an arable holding in Romania which at 570 square kilometers is roughly the same size as Singapore. Impressive certainly, but there’s big and […]

Nordic Launches Tiny Footprint, Ultra Low IQ Power Management IC for nRF52/nRF53 Series SoCs and Other Compatible Products

Nordic Semiconductor announced the launch of its first power management IC (PMIC), the ‘nPM1100’. The nPM1100 combines a USB compatible input regulator with overvoltage protection, 400mA battery charger and 150mA […]