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Passive Plus, Inc. Offers the Modelithics® Passive Plus Component Library as a Free 90-day Trial

Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI), a Modelithics® Vendor Partner (MVP), is now offering design engineers a Free 90-Day Trial license for the Modelithics PPI Component Library. This will provide PPI customers […]

Passive Plus, INC. Hi Reliability Screening Programs 

As typical electrical tests may not detect internal flaws such as voids, cracks, de-laminations and electrode discontinuities, which can lead to latent and/or catastrophic failures in high power applications, Passive […]

Passive Plus, INC. Announces New Website Launch 

Passive Plus, Inc. (PPI) is excited to launch its brand-new website, www.passiveplus.com, with a sleeker design and a more user-friendly interface showcasing PPI’s product offering and technical resources. Included on the website is […]