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Rohde & Schwarz has Won China Mobile’s 2021 5G Frequency Scanner Procurement Project

Rohde & Schwarz China and Zhuhai DingLi Corp., Ltd. have won the 2021 China Mobile centralized procurement project for 5G scanners. The R&S TSME6 drive test scanner has an ultracompact design […]

Rohde & Schwarz Validates first 5G RRM FR2 2xAoA Conformance Tests with the R&S TS-RRM-NR Test System

The PTCRB certification organization has approved the first radio ressource management (RRM) conformance test cases for FR2 with two angles of arrival (2xAoA), using the R&S TS-RRM-NR 5G RRM conformance test […]

Bluetest adds Option to Integrate R&S CMX500 5G Radio Communication Tester into its RTS Reverberation Test Systems

Users of Bluetest reverberation test systems (RTS) can now enjoy the benefits of the R&S CMX500 5G NR radio communication tester from Rohde & Schwarz for 5G FR1 MIMO over-the-air […]

New Rohde & Schwarz Test System for Automotive Radar Sensors Electronically Simulates Even Laterally Moving Objects

The new R&S RTS radar test system from Rohde & Schwarz simulates driving scenarios for testing radar based advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and radar sensors used in autonomously driving […]

From RF Link and Component Design to Implementation with Cadence VSS and Rohde & Schwarz VSESIM-VSS Software

by Dr. Gent Paparisto and David Vye, Cadence and Markus Loerner, Rohde & Schwarz Simulation with electronic design automation (EDA) software is critical to the design of modern RF front-end […]

Rohde & Schwarz Validates First 5G RRM FR2 Conformance Tests with the R&S TS-RRM-NR Test System

The Global Certification Forum (GCF) has approved the first two radio ressource management (RRM) conformance test cases for 5G FR2 frequencies, implemented on the R&S TS-RRM-NR 5G RRM conformance test […]

Rohde & Schwarz and HEAD Acoustics Demonstrate Test Solution for 5G Voice Over NR (VoNR) Voice Service

Together with HEAD acoustics, Rohde & Schwarz has successfully verified voice services over 5G NR (VoNR). The test solution employs the latest generation of the R&S CMX500 wideband radio communication […]