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Times Microwave Systems Names Adrian Milne as New General Manager

Current GM Ben Reed Promoted to New Position Within Amphenol Corporation Times Microwave Systems, the preeminent brand in innovative RF and microwave interconnect assemblies, cables, and connectors, announced the appointment […]

Hypersonic Missiles Demand Unique Coaxial Cable

by Dave Murray, Technical Fellow, Times Microwave Systems Hypersonic missiles represent the most significant advancement in defense weaponry since the 1960s. However, they also present substantial challenges. The term “hypersonic” […]

Mitigating the Effects of PIM, Multipaction, and Corona Discharge in Satellite Systems

by Kevin Moyher, Product Manager for Commercial Products, Times Microwave Systems Today’s communications satellites require broader bandwidths, higher levels of functional integration, and higher power handling capability. However, these and […]

Multiport Contacts for Avionics and Electronic Warfare

The M8M contact is designed for use in high-vibration harsh environments typically found in military electronics and EW applications. It operates up to 40 GHz and is compatible with the […]

New M8M™ Multiport Contacts Seamlessly Add High-frequency Capabilities to Military Avionics and Electronic Warfare Applications 

Today’s advanced military avionics and electronic warfare (EW) applications must accommodate extremely restricted space constraints and rising operating frequencies. A military avionics and EW system’s range that once operated up […]

Phase-Stable Cables and the Challenges of Space

by David Kiesling, Director of Commercial Sales and Marketing, Times Microwave Systems Satellite communications are an indispensable part of global infrastructure, enabling real-time data transmission anywhere on earth and into […]